30-day negative Review Hold

How does the 30-day negative review hold work?

This unique feature is only available to Business Members.

In the event a parent leaves a negative review (3 stars or below) about your school, you will be notified and we will hold the review for 30 days before publishing it, giving you a chance to do one of the following:
  • Respond to the review
  • Reach out to the parent and resolve the issue so they can modify the review
  • Report the review as breaking one of the clauses mentioned below so that we can investigate.
This can help you mitigate negative reviews in advance to minimize any impact on your business.

The following are reasons that would justify us removing a review:
  • Hate Speech, Racism, Discrimation
  • Violence, Terrorism, Harmful Propaganda
  • Defamation
  • Threatening Language
  • Obscene Language
  • Illegal Content
  • Personal or Confidential Information
  • Review not based on a genuine experience
If you report a review for removal under one of those conditions, we will investigate and the review will remain unpublished until we conclude our investigation, even if it is past the initial 30-day hold period.